TAB142: How to Become a Successful Indie Author – With Craig Martelle

Today’s guest is Craig Martelle. Craig is a best-selling author and the Godfather of the indie-focused 20books conferences that are held around the world. We discuss Craig’s thoughts on some of what’s changed for authors since his last visit 18 months ago, and some of the tried and true practices that are still critical to indie publishing success today.

TAB141: Going Indie With A Traditionally Published Series, with Jennifer Ashley

In this week’s episode, we discuss the process of self-publishing a series that had previously been traditionally published with NYT, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author Jennifer Ashley.

Jennifer didn’t just decide to continue her Stormwalker series, she also made the decision to invest in the continuation of audiobooks for her series, hiring the same narrator her publisher had selected to narrate the books originally.

TAB140: Going Wide With Some Of Your Books, with T S Paul

In this week’s episode, we discuss the idea of going wide with a portion of your books. Our guest is best-selling indie author Scott Paul, who writes fantasy and science fiction under the name of T.S. Paul.

Scott’s journey as an indie author is fairly short and definitely spectacular. He goes his own way as an author and is willing to step way outside the box when it comes to his author business.

TAB139: How to Keep a Problem from Becoming a Crisis – With Chris Syme

This week’s show is all about Crisis Management, which is NOT, as you might expect, just managing a crisis when you’re in the middle of one. What it can and should be is a process of training yourself to recognize and to deal with potential threats quickly and without allowing your emotions to become involved.

Our guest is a longtime favorite of the show, author, speaker and teacher, Chris Syme. Many of us know Chris as an author marketing expert, but her early training was in Crisis Management.

TAB138: What Can Authors Learn From Musicians About Audience Building?

Today’s show is about audience building.  Most authors listen to and learn from other authors. Maybe through podcasts, or in books written by authors on how they’ve done it, or maybe we just learn by asking questions in social media groups, or at conferences. But there are other creative entrepreneurs out there who deal with the same need to build fan bases.  Artists, photographers, filmmakers, musicians and others.

What can we learn from them and how they build their businesses?  That’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, and so I’m very pleased to have Singer/Songwriter, Author and Creative Entrepreneur Charlotte Eriksson as this week’s guest.

TAB137: Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant to Help with Your Author Biz?

Today’s guest is Chloe Adler. She’s still involved in the work world and she’s a romance author building her own thriving and sustainable author business. In this episode, we discuss her strategy for outsourcing certain aspects of her business to virtual assistants so that she has time to pursue her writing, her passion for learning, and her somewhat unusual exercise hobby.

TAB136: Will you be ready for the GDPR on May 25th?

When speaking with authors about GDPR, I get a variety of responses that range from a thoughtful what are you talking about to a sense of panic. If you’re in the “what are you talking about” category, GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation rule in the EU that will govern data protection and privacy for individuals within the European Union.

Today’s guest is author BL (Barb) Berry, and as you’ll hear in the interview, her job forced her to take a hard look at GDPR, and then to take an even deeper look at how it might impact her career as a romance author. She shares what’s she’s doing for GDPR in this interview.

TAB133: Making the Switch – Moving Away From KDP Select, with Kristi Belcamino

One of the great debates in the indie author community is the KDP Select versus selling wide choice that every indie author must consider.  It’s easy to find success stories on both sides of the divide, but which direction is right for your author business? Mystery and thriller author Kristi Belcamino did her research when she transitioned from traditionally published to indie and chose KDP Select.  But she’s since changed her mind. In this episode, she explains why.

TAB132-5: WOOT! The podcast returns next week

After a lengthy break, The Author Biz returns next week for season 2.  I know, I know, how can there be a season two without a season one.  But I’m calling the first 132 episodes season one and we’re moving on!  Thanks for keeping the show in your podcast app!

TAB131: The Importance of Being Strategic with Tax Planning, with John Pollock

In today’s episode, we delve into the subject of taxes with John Pollock, the Chief Executive Officer of Financial Gravity Companies, and the President of Pollock Advisory Group.

If you have a plan to take your author business to the next level, taxes are something you’ll need to deal with, and as you move through the various levels of success as an author, they’ll become critical to you and your business.

TAB130: Laser Focus as the Path to Becoming a Full Time Author with A.C. Fuller

In today’s episode, we’re learning from thriller author AC Fuller, who set a goal for himself to become a full-time writer in last 2016 and then went out and accomplished that goal.

We get into subjects like being successful landing Bookbub ads, and the value AC has found in running AMS ads for his Alex Vane media thriller series. We cover the launch strategy he’s put together for a new series that’s coming after the first of the year, and the mindset change that allowed him to achieve that goal of becoming a full-time author.

TAB129: Using Research as a Springboard to Mega Success with Shayne Silvers

Have you ever asked yourself, what could happen if you took this author thing seriously? Today’s guest is Shayne Silvers, an author who asked himself that question in early 2016. He spent six months research how to best position his books in front of the right readers and then applied what he’d learned. This interview is a great combination of ‘how to’ and inspiration that I think you’ll really enjoy.

TAB128: A Deep Dive into Using Data as an Author with Michelle Spiva

Our guest is USA Today bestselling author Michelle Spiva. In addition to her work as an author, she’s also a counselor, a writing coach, and an extreme data geek. In this show, we discuss things like avoiding the fear of data, learning from books that are winners, her version of survivor bias, revenue management, push versus pull marketing, and all with lots of examples that will help us to put Michelle’s teaching into action.

TAB126: Transitioning From Indie Author to Indie Publisher, with Michael Anderle

My guest today is Michael Anderle. This is Michael’s fourth visit to the show, and his first visit, Zero to $10k Per Month in 90 days is still the most popular Author Biz episode of all time, not counting the thousands of times the video of that show has been seen on YouTube.  

November 3rd, marks the two year point from Michael’s first published book, and in those two years, he’s gone from being an indie author to a successful indie author to a really successful indie author and now he’s a successful indie publisher, whose company, LMBPN publishing is currently publishing over a dozen books and a half dozen audiobooks each month.

TAB125: Creating a Multi-Author Universe from Scratch with guest Martha Carr

Author Martha Carr joins us this week to take a deep dive into the creation of a multi-author universe. We’ll discuss topics like creating the universe name, selecting the core group of authors to write the books, the creation of art, covers, storylines, the social media community, and the website. We’ll even get into things like the technology involved in managing those storylines and how the various authors work together to create their books.

TAB124: Understanding Film and Television Rights, with Valerie Peterson

Our guest today is Valerie Peterson, a widely read commentator on the business of publishing, and our topic today is the sale of Film and Television rights for authors.

In this episode, we’ll get into things like what level of involvement should an author expect after selling those rights, what’s working now in the evolving world of Television rights, some of the crazy things going on with the adaptations of some classic books, what you should look for if you’re approached with an offer from an agent or producer and much, much more.

TAB116: Developing Your Marketing Mindset

Author’s Honorée Corder and Brian Meeks consider the marketing mindset that they believe is critical to being able to market your books effectively in today’s crowded market as well as their new book, The Prosperous Writer’s Guide to Finding Readers.

TAB114: Making the Most Your Author Email List with Larissa Reynolds

This week’s show is all about your email list, and we’ll cover it from the basics of why you should have one, to the specifics, of things like how often to send and why.

This week’s guest is Larissa Reynolds, an email marketing guru who enjoys nothing more than helping authors make the most of their relationship with readers through their email lists.

We start with the why question. Why should authors have an email list? Then we delve into things like how to attract subscribers, how often to email those subscribers, the importance of something called your sender reputation. We consider mobile, and why you should assume that most readers will see your email on a mobile device, why you might want to check your formatting several times a year and more.

TAB113: Finding the Time to Build a Successful Writing Career

The idea for this episode came from a listener who wanted to hear from a guest who was more like him. Someone with a spouse, family, kids, responsibilities, not enough time to write and a lack of money for marketing.

The first name that came to mind when I read the request was today’s guest, Justin Sloan. He spent five years as a Marine and has a master degree in creative writing from John Hopkins. He also has a wife, a job, and a young family. Justin joins us this week to discuss the balancing act between writing, work, and family.

TAB112: Cover Design Options for Indie Authors

Andrew Dobell joins us this week to discuss the wide range of cover design options available to indie authors today. Everything from do it yourself covers, to photo manipulation, to custom designed illustrated covers. We’ll even get into the process of hiring photographers and models if you’ve got the budget and a long enough series to support the upfront expense.

TAB110: Should You Consider Patreon for Your Author Business?

Kameron Hurley joins us this week to discuss the Patreon model as an alternative income stream for authors.

We discuss the reasons she chose Patreon, how to develop the right offerings for supporters, and what you’ll need as an author to best utilize Patreon.

We also discuss her recent Hugo Award nomination, her new book THE STARS ARE LEGION, and since she’s a professional copyrighter, I ask for tips on crafting blog posts in support of new books.

TAB108: The Audiobook Production Process with Martha Carr and Jill Smith

We’ve got an interesting combo episode today. The first ⅓ of the show is the wrap-up episode of the Martha Carr Launch Strategy Case Study, where we’ve followed Martha as she went through the process of launching six books in 91 days. In today’s episode, we’ll get the final details on how things went and what she’d do differently if she were to do this again.

Martha sticks around for the second part of the show, where we bring in Jill Smith, the narrator for Martha’s Wallis Jones series. The first of the audiobooks was just released, and the two of them discuss the way they’ve worked together on the series. For those of you who haven’t tried audio yet, you may learn a thing or two about how the process works for both the narrator and the author.

CS03: Martha Carr Launch Strategy Case Study, Episode 3 of 6

Martha Carr is publishing six thrillers over the course of 91 days, and she’s agreed to share sales and marketing details with us after each book is released to discuss how the series is performing. This is episode three of a six episode, nearly real-time case study. Michael Anderle joins us again this week to add perspective to the results Martha has seen to date. (Be sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss an episode of the case study.)

CS02: Martha Carr Launch Strategy Case Study, Episode 2 of 6

Martha Carr is publishing six thrillers over the course of 91 days, and she’s agreed to share sales and marketing details with us after each book is released to discuss how the series is performing. This is episode two of a six episode, nearly real-time case study we’re doing with Martha. In this week’s episode, Martha’s mentor in the process, Michael Anderle joins us to add some perspective to the results Martha has seen to date. (Be sure you’re subscribed, so you don’t miss an episode of the case study.)

TAB101: Is there a Best Way to Format Your Ebooks?

Three indie authors and a professional book designer join the show to discuss the various options available for formatting ebooks. Jake Devlin, C.A. Newsome, S.J Pajonas and The Book Design Guy, John Gibson each format an example ebook using their preferred technology and we compare costs, time involved and the results for each method used.

TAB100: Using Live Video to Connect with Readers and Fans

Luria Petrucci joins the show to discuss the explosion in live online video and to share her thoughts on how authors can use live video to connect with readers. We discuss the reasons why you should consider adding video to your author platform and discuss some inexpensive ways of making your video stand out.

Martha Carr Launch Strategy Case Study – Episode 1 of 6

Martha Carr is publishing six thrillers over the course of 91 days, and she’s agreed to share sales and marketing details with us after each book is released to discuss how the series is performing. This show is episode one of a six episode, nearly real-time case study we’ll be doing with Martha. Be sure you’re subscribed, so you don’t miss an episode.