Several weeks ago I asked you for show suggestions, and as I’ve mentioned before, I was blown away by the number and the quality of the responses I received.

One of those suggestions came from long time listener and former guest of the show Carol Newsome, who writes under the name of CA Newsome.  Carol’s suggestion was the following: Most of us are geared toward digital sales but we still need to do the occasional signing, if only to garner & solidify local support, and most of us are clueless how to conduct a successful signing. I’d love a show that covered this topic.

Carol, thank you for the suggestion, which came through the Author Biz Facebook group. My good friend and podcasting partner Taylor Stevens saw the post and said she’d be happy to be the guest AND that this would be a great topic for a joint show.  Meaning we’d play one version of the show on The Taylor Stevens Show and another version here on The Author Biz.

Since the success of our exercise in cross-promotion several weeks ago, I quickly agreed.  

So today’s show is all about book events, specifically how to plan for and execute a successful book event. 


Taylor’s Website:

The Taylor Stevens Show podcast

Taylor’s Patreon Page

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