Martha Carr is publishing six thrillers over the course of 91 days, and she’s agreed to share sales and marketing details with us after each book is released to discuss how the series is performing.  A fellow author, when seeing how calm Martha appears about all of this has given her the moniker, The Zen Killer of Thrillers, which seems appropriate.

Book three in her Wallis Jones Series,  THE KEEPER RETURNS was published on December 22nd, and we examine the results of the release, as well as the pre-orders for book four in the series, THE CIRCLE RISES.

Martha also mentions an app that is coming out to support the series. The app, an interactive story called THE LOST MISSION will be available for free beginning January 11th.

Martha’s mentor in the process, Michael Anderle joins us in this episode to give perspective to Martha’s sales numbers and to compare the numbers to his early sales, roughly one year ago.

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Wallis Jones launch schedule:

    1. The List Conspiracy (Wallis Jones #1) on sale – December 1st
    2. The Traitor’s Revenge (Wallis Jones #2) on pre-order Dec. 1st, on sale Dec. 8th
    3. The Keeper Returns (Wallis Jones #3) on pre-order Dec. 8th, on sale Dec. 22nd
    4. The Circle Rises (Wallis Jones #4) on pre-order Dec. 22nd, on sale Jan 9th
    5. The Watcher’s Revolt (Wallis Jones #5) on pre-order Jan. 9th, on sale Jan. 31st
    6. The Butterfly Project (Wallis Jones #6) on pre-order Jan. 31st, on sale Feb. 22nd


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Michael Anderle’s Kurtherian Books website

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