In this week’s episode, we discuss the process of self-publishing a series that had previously been traditionally published with NYT, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author Jennifer Ashley.

As you’ll hear during the interview, Jennifer didn’t just decide to continue her Stormwalker series, she also made the decision to invest in the continuation of audiobooks for her series,  by hiring the same narrator her publisher had selected to narrate the books originally.

But we go way beyond just that one topic in this wide-ranging interview.  We also dive into things like how and why Jennifer gets involved in the audio production of her books, the various ways she has her books translated into different languages and why she takes such a hands-on approach with every aspect of her indie publishing business.


During the show’s intro, I also mention a new podcast project I’m working on with Michael Anderle and LMBPN Publishing. The show is called Ear Crush, and our objective is to deliver professionally narrated stories and behind the scenes information to readers who might also enjoy listening to audio versions of stories.

As you know, the popularity of audiobooks is growing like crazy, but there are still way too many people who don’t yet understand the pleasure that can be had by listening to a well written, professionally narrated story.

Our hope is that by making this short form audio available to people, it will eliminate some of the barriers to entry that subscribing to an audiobook service like audible might present, and can just allow listeners to enjoy hearing stories that feature some of their favorite characters.

In our case, we’re starting out by using the narrators of LMBPN’s existing audio catalog of 100 plus audiobooks, to narrate short stories that feature the series characters of the existing books. Obviously, the hope is that listeners will enjoy the stories enough to want more of those characters and narrators, which they can get by grabbing our audiobooks at Audible or iTunes.

I am really excited about the possibilities of this project, and I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think.


Jennifer’s website –

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Hillary Huber’s website

The Ear Crush Podcast – Episode One

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The Plot Whisperer- at Amazon

Story Engineering – at Amazon

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