Have you ever asked yourself, what could happen if you took this author thing seriously?

Today’s guest is Shayne Silvers, an author who asked himself that question in early 2016. At that point, he’d self-published one book in 2012 and had just published his second.  His monthly revenue ranged from barely registering, to a couple of hundred dollars a month when he asked the question.

Shayne spent the first six months of 2016 in what he calls his R&D phase, learning everything he could about what it takes to get HIS books, in front of the right readers.

In July, he started putting what he’d learned to work. In August, he released the third book in his Nate Temple series and sales began to grow. And they kept growing. As you’ll learn during the interview, Shayne quickly went from a few hundred dollars a month in sales, to thousands, and then tens of thousands in monthly revenue.

This interview is that rare combination of how to and inspiration, and I think you’re going to enjoy it.  Please hang on after it seems like the discussion is over because we kept talking and Shane continued to drop knowledge, including the fascinating story of exactly how he figured out when he could quit his job and go full time as an author.


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Shayne’s author website www.shaynesilvers.com

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