Today’s show is about creating a fictional world in which you and other authors can write and publish books.

Our guest is Martha Carr, who you may remember from the five or six episode Martha Carr experiment last year.

Martha, and her partner, Michael Anderle, just began publishing books in the recently launched Oriceran Universe, a universe that over the next couple of months will have books written by five different authors.

In this episode, we’ll take a deep dive into the creation of the universe, discussing topics like creating the universe name, selecting the core group of authors to write the books, the creation of art, covers, storylines, the social media community, and the website. We’ll even get into things like the technology involved in managing those storylines and how the various authors work together to create their books.

Is this something you’re considering? I’ve spoken with some you who are curious about this, and some of you are actively considering offers to write inside these types of multi-author worlds. Or, maybe you’ve already reached the level where you’re considering inviting authors to write in a world you’ve already created.

In our examples today, we’re talking about science fiction and fantasy universes, but the same can work in genres you write in as well.

During the show, we also skirt around the name of the troll sitting atop Leira’s shoulder on the picture above but mention the troll’s popular mug.  His name is Yumfuck Tiberius Troll and you’ll find his popular mug below.


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