Author Michael Anderle joins us this week to discuss the ways he’s found self-publishing success in his first year as an author.

519r9jbk4wl-_ux250_If you listen to this show on a regular basis, you know that there are several paths to success as an author.  One of those paths, the one that seems to give the author the most control over the myriad of variables that go into building a successful author business, is to write and publish books quickly and regularly.

Of course, you can’t just write and publish crap. Your stories have to engage readers, your covers need to be good enough, and you need to be able to pivot, to use a startup world term when readers aren’t connecting with your books. Meaning, if something’s not working, say a series, for example, move on to the next series to find something that will connect with readers.

Don't Cross This Line Cover Self-Publishing Michael Anderle joined us in January of this year to talk about his first three months as an author, where he published multiple books. During that time we considered his goals, which were to write 20 books that would generate $50,000 in annual revenue. When we talked after those first three months, he’d gone from around $400 to over $10,000 in monthly income from his Kurtherian Gambit series.  

Now that Michael has been self-publishing author for just over one year it made sense to touch base with him again, to see how his plan of publishing a book every five weeks had worked out. While he didn’t quite hit the 20 book target, his net revenue from Amazon, on the day we recorded the interview has already exceeded $400,000, with revenue growing each month.


In this wide-ranging 60 minute conversation, we discuss his progress towards the goal, the value he sees for participating in anthologies, and how his focus in 2017 will shift to improving his author rank. We get into a variety of other topics as well, including his 20 Books to 50K Facebook group and some self-publishing success stories members of that group have experienced during the past year, and the document he wrote after his first year in publishing, State of the Hack (PDF Download).


Michael’s latest book, DON’T CROSS THAT LINE at Amazon

Michael’s Amazon Author Page

20 Books to 50K Facebook Group

Download Michael’s State of the Hack document

Book Report website

Camven Media website

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