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This actually, is the first episode in our new How-To Series, a group of episodes where guests and I will take a deep dive into a single topic.

In this first episode, author MD Cooper, aka, Michael Cooper, who, as you’ll hear very early on in the show has completely transformed his author business through the use of Facebook ads.

Michael wrote a four-part series outlining his process for the 20booksto50k group on Facebook.  You can find that series inside that group, or I’ll post a single file version of the same thing in the Author Biz Facebook group.

The response to the series was so great that Michael decided to add even more detail and plenty of helpful screenshots to turn the entire thing into an ebook, which is available at Amazon here.

There will also be a PDF version of the original posts in the 20booksto50k group, as well as The Author Biz group. You are in the Author Biz Facebook group, right?  If not, click here and join us.

Since this is the first episode of the How-To series, please let me know what you think.  Do you like it? What could I do to improve things? What other subjects would you like me to cover in the series? You can email me (check the contact page) or just post in the Facebook group.


Buy HELP! My Facebook Ads Suck

Michael’s Amazon author page

MD Cooper Author Facebook Page

20 Books to 50k Facebook Page

Michael’s website for fiction www.aeon14.com

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