How many series should you write at one time? Author Deborah Coonts joins us to share her experience.

lucky-the-hard-way Lucky O'Toole SeriesIf you write fiction you know the value of writing a series, or maybe two.  Maybe you’ve been writing for a while and you’ve written a series, then moved on to a second or even a third series.  But how many different series can, or should you write a once?

Today’s guest is Deborah Coonts. Formerly a traditionally published author, she has fully embraced the world of indie publishing. Deb is best known for her Las Vegas adventure series featuring Lucky O’Toole, book seven of which, LUCKY THE HARD WAY was released last week.  But she wanted to do more than a single series, so she started something else earlier this year, a women’s fiction / suspense series that she calls the Heart of Napa series. So, that’s two series and two different genres. Then I saw that she’s got a thriller coming out in December called AFTER ME.  

I popped over to her website and saw a teaseafter-me-ebook-360x570 for yet another series, romantic suspense this time featuring a helicopter pilot, with a first book scheduled for early next year.

So, four books, either three or four different genres and presumably different audiences. Is this crazy, brilliant or somewhere in between?  As you’ll hear during the interview, Deb claims career attention deficit disorder and thinks this may be working its way into her new career as an author now as well.  

In this 52 minute episode, we talk about the different series, their different audiences, the different skill sets involved in writing the various series and of course, we’ll dig into some other topics as well, including what she’s done to grow her email list by over 1,000% in the past year, using little more than a website lead magnet.

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Deb’s website www.deborahcoonts.com

Deb’s Amazon author page

Stephanie Bond’s Comma Girl serialized fiction page

Barbara Freethy’s Online Store page

Kate Tilton’s website (Deb’s author assistant) www.katetilton.com

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