Author Taylor Stevens is the guest in this episode of The Author Biz.

How are you with trying new things, experimenting?

Sometimes we try new things and they work out brilliantly. Other times we try them and they fall flat.  Either way it’s interesting and educational to hear about how these experiments go.

The Taylor Stevens Show Final 300 x 300This show is all about an experiment that Taylor Stevens, the New York Times bestselling author of the Vanessa Michael Munroe series, and I did over the past two months.

I proposed the idea of her doing a podcast a couple of months ago.   Not a podcast interview, like this one, but doing her own podcast, as an experiment to build awareness for her new book THE MASK.   I proposed six episodes covering a variety of topics, all focused on her Vanessa Michael Munroe thriller series, with a primary focus on the new book.

the-mask-coverSurprisingly enough, Taylor agreed, and a couple of weeks later we set to work.  (You can read her version of how our initial discussions went here.)

In this 58 minute episode, we discuss the experiment, from the initial idea to the finished product.  We go into detail about the time involved in each aspect of production and Taylor shares her thoughts on the results of the experiment.  Then we finish up talking about the importance of the email list to authors, and something Taylor does in the offline world that helps to build her list.

Show Notes

  • Taylor and I discuss the experiment that became The Taylor Stevens Show (of the Unnamed Podcast, which she prefers).
  • Taylor explains why she agreed to go along with the podcasting experiment.
  • We discuss the nature and value of the subscription process for podcasts.
  • We walk through the steps involved in planning for and recording the first six episodes.
  • The initial goal of the podcast was to generate interest in Taylor’s new book, THE MASK. To do that we needed to make the show both interesting and entertaining for people who may not be reading her series.
  • We discuss the time involved creating the first six episodes – everything from the initial planning to the music selection.
  • Taylor’s view on the importance of selecting the right music for the show and why we spent so much time on the selection process. (We got our music at Melody Loops – website here)
  • We discuss some different ways our experiment can be replicated by other authors.
  • One of the things Taylor likes about podcasting is that people can hear your voice. They can hear your laughter so they can tell when you’re kidding around.
  • Taylor describes creating content in written form (blog posts, essays, etc.) as work. She finds creating content in the form as podcasts to be fun.
  • Taylor describes the Venessa Michael Munroe series as “high octane character studies.) Then she shares the story line of her new book, THE MASK.
  • Taylor shares her thoughts on the value of email lists for authors, regardless of where those authors are on the publishing spectrum.
  • Taylor’s email list is a great resource for authors, where she shares what she’s learned about the business of writing and publishing on a weekly basis.


Taylor’s Website

Taylor’s Epic Music

Taylor’s Podcast (her site, iTunes, CrimeFiction.FM)

THE MASK at Amazon

Taylor’s Amazon author page

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