Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the publishing business right now, with 2013 sales of over $2 billion dollars.  It’s easier now than ever before for authors to have audiobooks produced, and those audiobooks can create significant revenue streams.

But how are audiobooks made?  What’s the process?

Renee Raudman

Renee Raudman

I’m pleased to have one of the top audiobook narrators in the business as my guest today to explain the business to us. Renee Raudman, who has narrated over 300 audiobooks and won numerous awards for her work, will walk us through the entire process.  From initial contact to post production work, she’ll take us inside the studio, and teach us the process. Note: The times listed in parentheses are the spots in the interview where that section begins.)

  • She’ll offer her opinion on why audiobooks have exploded over the past several years. (16:45)
  • She’ll explain the changes in the business of creating audiobooks since she got started eight years ago. (26:49)
  • She’ll explain why home studios are so important, as well as exactly what a home studio is. (31:02)
  • She’ll walk us through the changes in technology over the past several years. (33:20)
  • She’ll take us, step-by-step, through the entire process of producing an audiobook.  From initial contact, to cleaning up errors after the production has been completed. (36:20)
  • She shares a great story about losing out, on the most prestigious award in the audiobook business, to one of the world’s top movie stars. (1:01:40)
  • Then she provides some specific advice for authors, on selecting a narrator for their project, estimating costs for audiobook production based on word count, and explains the different options available through Amazon’s ACX program. (1:10:30)
  • We finish the interview with Renee offering some advice for anyone interested in getting into the audiobook narration business.  (Hint:  Be prepared to work your tail off.) (1:17:08)

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