We hear a lot about multi streams of income for your author business. For most, that means ebooks, print, perhaps the sale of rights to your books for readers overseas and maybe even audiobooks.

Today’s guest, Kameron Hurley is a multi-time award winning author, who still works a full-time job so she can put food on the table. As you can imagine, she’s all about finding new sources of income for her writing and a couple of years ago so decided to try Patreon as an outlet for her short fiction.

You’ve heard of Patreon, right? It takes the old patronage model where an artist can receive support from their fans, or patrons. I’ve supported musicians, filmmakers, and a few others on Patreon, but never an author, until a couple of months ago.

Which got me thinking, I wonder if there are any authors out who are seriously supplementing their income using Patreon. So I looked. Granted, Patreon has a really poor search function, but I did come across Kameron, who writes a blog I’ve referred to often because she writes so openly about the publishing business.

Kameron’s patrons contribute for each short story she writes and they receive rewards based on their support level.

In this episode, we’ll discuss the Patreon model, why she chose it, what she’s changed in her two years on Patreon and which type of authors this model is best suited for. We also discuss her recent Hugo Award nomination and her new book, THE STARS ARE LEGION.


Kameron’s website www.kameronhurley.com

Kameron’s Patreon Page www.patreon.com/kameronhurley


Kameron’s new podcast Listen Here

Seana McGuire’s Patreon Page

N.K. Jemison Patreon Page

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