Paul Bishop The Author BizAuthor Paul Bishop is our guest on this edition of The Author Biz.

Today’s show marks an attempted launch of version 2.0 of The Author Biz podcast. Going forward shows will be shorter and focused on a single topic.

The reason I refer to this as an attempted launch is that I failed at keeping the show on a single topic, but for good reason, as you’ll hear in the episode.

Z-SHERLOCK-FINAL-3Today’s guest is author Paul Bishop. He and friend (and fellow author) Mel Odem developed an idea for a book they’d like to read four years ago. Today, that idea has grown to a series of 45 books, written by multiple authors. So this episode was intended to be a case study on what they did and how they did it. Paul and I even hit our prescribed time target for the show.

But things took a turn once the interview ended. We were discussing his latest novel, LIE CATCHERS and what he was doing to drive sales for the book. When things got interesting, I clicked the recorder back on to capture what Paul was sharing, just in case.

So – that’s what I mean by a combo show – the first part of this 32 minute episode is a tightly told, repeatable business case study. The second part is an off-the-cuff, completely unedited lesson on how to market your book to the various tribes to which we all belong. 

Show Notes:

We discuss the Fight Card series, launched by Paul and Mel Odem that has grown to 45 novels in just three years.

Paul shares the genesis of the idea and how the Fight Card series took on a life of its own.

Paul and Mel launched the series as a labor of love, and it remains that to this day. But the concept could be repeated by an author, or a group of authors, who prefer the profit motive.

Paul shares his thoughts on marketing to the various tribes we all belong to. The reason his thoughts were so well organized is that he recently wrote on the topic at The Huffington Post.

LIE-CatchersPaul’s new book, LIE CATCHERS, examines a seldom-explored aspect of police work, the interrogation. Paul is a former police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department and a renowned expert in the field of interrogation. If you enjoy crime fiction, I highly recommend this one.


The FightCard series website

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Paul’s Huffington post article on using Tribes to market your books.

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Thanks to Paul Bishop for joining us this week.

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