The Value of Persistence

Author, editor, and writing teacher Jordan Rosenfeld is the guest in Episode 43 of The Author Biz.

What’s your biggest need as an author? It’s different for everyone, isn’t it.  For you it might be more readers. For me, it’s finding enough writing time each day to make meaningful progress towards my goals.

JordanLeaning-200x300But there’s something else we all need that’s easy to overlook.

Persistence. What some might call the ability to keep on keeping on.

Today’s guest, Jordan Rosenfeld, is the author of five books. She’s also an editor, a writing teacher, and a coach.  Her most recent book is A WRITER’S GUIDE TO PERSISTENCE: How to Create a Lasting and Productive Writing Practice.

Writer's Guide to PersistenceShe’s also a big believer in treating your writing as a practice. In fact, she believes the more we treat our writing as a practice, the less likely we are to give into pressure, self-sabotage, and to taking bad advice. Which in turn allows us to persist as we build our author businesses.

In this 46 minute interview, we learn the value of persistence to authors, the importance of treating your writing as a practice, and more:  

  • The more we treat our writing as a part of our lives, the less we give in to things like pressure, rushing, self-sabotage and taking bad advice.
  • Jordan believes we should treat our writing as a practice.
  • We discuss finding the time to write, and the critical importance of really knowing why you write.
  • Jordan shares some tips on finding your best time to write.
  • The importance of physical movement to your writing practice.
  • Jordan explains why balance is so important to a long term writing practice.
  • Why authors should have a “creative support team” to help them deal with the ups and downs of the writing business.
  • Jordan believes that all authors should have their own writers code. She explains how to get started on building yours.



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