Taking Care

Colleen M. Story joins us this week to discuss writing and wellness.

How often do you find yourself skipping exercise to get your writing done?

For many of us, exercise is one of the easiest things to put off when we’re under a deadline, or facing stress. Often, putting off our exercise for a few days can lead to weeks of inactivity. Suddenly, it’s a massive effort to get outside to walk, or to run, or to get to the gym.

We’ve all got way too many things on our to-do lists already but are we really doing what’s most important for our long-term success as authors, parents, spouses, and friends?

C-M-Story-200x300The importance of physical and mental wellness for authors is a topic that’s been of interest to me for some time now, which is how I came across today’s guest, Colleen M. Story. She writes regularly about the topic through her blog, Writing and Wellness.

Collen writes imaginative fiction and is also a freelance writer, instructor and motivational speaker specializing in creativity, productivity, and personal wellness.

In this 40 minute episode, we get into some of the reasons why it’s so important to prioritize things like movement and exercise, as well as the difficulties of staying positive during the creative process.

Show Notes:

Colleen believes authors should treat themselves as athletes to be able to create at maximum capacity.

Colleen shares her thoughts on movement, and how important that can be for authors. Movement can help to counter the stress we place on our minds and bodies while creating.

Loreenas-Gift‹COVER-WEBWe consider the role age plays in what we need to do to stay healthy. Starting healthy habits while we’re young can pay big dividends as we age.

Weight gain is a complaint that Colleen hears often from authors. She shares her advice for those of us dealing with weight gain.

We discuss the relationship between movement and mental well-being.

Colleen shares her thoughts on the importance of being your own best cheerleader to keep negative thoughts at bay.

We discuss some of the mental hurdles Colleen dealt with during the writing and release process for her new novel, Lorena’s Gift.


Colleen’s Writing and Wellness Website

Colleen’s author website

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