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Christine Munroe is the guest in the Between the Episodes edition of The Author Biz.

Independent bookstores are a wonderful thing.  As authors, we all want to support them, but when your readers prefer digital books, it’s not easy to do.  That’s why I think you’ll find the idea of Kobo’s eRead Local program so intriguing.

The eRead Local program

Kobo and the American Booksellers Association launched the eRead Local program on August 22nd to encourage customers to try eReading. Between now and November 29th, participating ABA members will receive $5 USD for each new Kobo customer acquired. What’s more, each new customer who creates a Kobo account through an affiliate ABA member will receive a $5 USD credit for use toward their first purchase of a Kobo eBook.

Once a reader has signed up through an affiliate ABA member, that store benefits from every future purchase made through Kobo.

Show Notes

In this 18 minute episode, Kobos’s US Manager for Kobo Writing Life, Christine Munore and I discuss the program, which is running from August 22 – November 29th.  Then we get into some reasons why authors, who may be exclusive to Amazon, may want to consider wider distribution for their books.


The eRead Local program

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