Author, Blogger, Speaker and podcast host Sarah Wendell is the guest on Episode 14 of The Author Biz.

Sarah Wendell

Sarah Wendell

There are somewhere between several hundred and a zillion book blogs in existence today, but there are only a few that can move the sales needle. Smart Bitches Trashy Books is one that does, and they will soon be celebrating their 10th anniversary. In that time, they’ve developed a unique style and a loyal and growing audience with a shared love of reading romance novels.

Today’s guest, Sarah Wendell, AKA Smart Bitch Sarah, is the co-founder and general overlady of Smart Bitches Trashy Books. The site describes itself as a website that reviews romance novels from a crew of smart bitches who will always give it to you straight.

Sarah is an author herself, a speaker and the co-host of the DBSA (Dear Bitches Smart Authors) Romance Fiction Podcast.

In this episode, we’ll get a lesson on what top book bloggers do and what authors should expect when dealing with them. I’ve noted some interview highlights below for people looking for information on specific points.

  • What is Sarah’s DBSA Podcast?
  • What is the focus for the Smart Bitches Trashy Books website? Authors or Readers?
  • A brief discussion of the technology behind the site.
  • It’s all about the books, but it’s not all books.
  • How long did it take to build the vibrant Smart Bitches Trashy Books community?
  • Why is the naked male chest such a popular feature of Romance covers?
  • How have e-readers changed things for Romance readers, and by extension authors.
  • How 50 Shades of Grey gave readers a common language to discuss erotic contemporary romance.
  • How even bad reviews can help to sell books.
  • How a book can be so bad, that it becomes crazy bad, which is good.
  • How to pitch a book blogger to review your book. (Also – Check out this post on the subject at the SBTB website)
  • What does Sarah think about whether or not authors should respond to negative reviews?
  • How many great books does it take for an author to make it to a reader’s “auto-buy” list? How many sub-par books does it take to fall off that list?
  • What things do the most successful authors in the romance genre do that less successful authors do not do?
  • What does Sarah think of Kindle Unlimited, both as an author, and as a reader?

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SBTB discussion on Pitching for a Review

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