KDP Delivery Fee Calculator

I built a spreadsheet to help calculate the somewhat confusing Kindle Direct Publishing delivery fees.

InScreen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.14.49 AM simple terms, authors who choose the 70% Royalty Option are subject to a delivery fee. The delivery fee, in the US and Canada, is $.15 per MB (megabyte), and you pay it each time one of your books is sold. This size of your book (in KB) is available in the Product Details on your book’s Amazon page.

This spreadsheet assumes you’re selling books in the either the United States or Canada, but can be used for sales in other countries as well. Just update the numbers to fit your situation.  Delivery fees for other countries are available in the Kindle Direct Publishing Terms of Service.

Try it out. Insert your own numbers to calculate delivery costs, and your true Amazon royalty, after delivery expenses.

Remember – In most cases, the 35% Royalty option includes delivery fees.

Enter the items in blue, then watch as  the items in green change based upon the price and size of your book. Note – this isn’t always as fast as I’d like,  so please be patient 🙂

For people interested in reducing the size of .mobi files, consider either reducing the number of images in the book or reducing the resolution of those images. It can make a BIG difference in the total size of your book.

Note – There is a ‘Save as Excel’ feature in the spreadsheet if you want to save your results for future reference.