Because of the number of different podcasts I do, (this one, CrimeFiction.FM and The Taylor Stevens show) I get a lot of questions about my podcast interview production process. I’ve been planning to either write or record something about the process for quite some time, and I finally did it last week.

This 20-minute video is (almost) the entire process that I go through to host a CrimeFiction.FM podcast.  (The only thing missing is the several hours spent reading the book as preparation for the interview.) You won’t hear the interview itself, but it will air on CrimeFiction.FM Wednesday morning and I’ll link to it here once the show goes live.

My Podcast Interview Production Process

  • Interview prep
  • The interview itself
  • Producing the audio from the interview
  • Adding the finished audio to the show template (which has the intro and outro music)
  • Tagging the show for iTunes
  • Writing the blog post that launches the podcast

This is the first video I’ve recorded video like this and as you’ll see my microphone technique wasn’t great, but it was a fun learning how to put a video like this together.

If you’ve got any questions or comments, please pop over to the video at YouTube and leave them in the comments section.

Author Biz Podcast Schedule

I’m taking a much-needed break from the podcast this week, but will be back again next week with what I think will be a terrific show as we roll into the last month of the year.

Since it’s Thanksgiving week here in the United States, I’d like to take a minute and thank you for being here with me on this journey. It takes valuable time to listen to podcasts, and I’m so very thankful that you choose to spend some of your time with me.