This is an introduction to The Author Biz Podcast.

The Author Biz Podcast is a weekly show for authors of all types, covering subjects that range from publishing, to craft, to business.  But the podcast itself doesn’t start until next week.

This episode is a preview that serves two purposes.  First, it allows us to get set up in podcasting directories, like iTunes.  It also introduces you to our first three guests.

author3You’ll hear from New York Times bestselling author Taylor Stevens,  who shares some great information on royalty advances in the traditionally published world.  Taylor goes into great detail on royalties, foreign rights for books, movie rights, and much more in episode three of the podcast.

The next clip comes from our episode two guest, indie author and self-Darren Wearmouthproclaimed data geek Darren Wearmouth.   In the clip Darren shares a method in which authors can dig inside the mysterious Amazon sales rank to figure out how many books are actually being sold at different levels.  In Episode two Darren shares his experience launching his very first book on Amazon, with no author platform or name recognition, and selling over 60,000 copies in less than a year.

badalauthorwebThe third clip comes from the man who will be our guest in episode one, author and businessman Joseph Badal, who shares his thoughts on the importance of a consistent brand when using social media.   In next week’s show, Joe shares his experience running a large mortgage company, and how that translates to managing his new small business as an author.

Please join us on June 30th, for the first full episode of The Author Business Podcast.

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