Bob & Pat Gussin, the founders of Oceanview Publishing, are the guests in The Author Biz in session #8.

Oceanview Publishing Bob and Pat Gussin

Bob and Pat Gussin

Oceanview Publishing is one of the fastest growing independent publishers in the United States, and they’re recognized as a preeminent independent publisher of original mystery, thriller, and suspense titles.

I became aware of Oceanview Publishing several years ago, when I checked to see who published a series of Florida crime novels that I particularly enjoyed, written by H. Terrell Griffin. Those books, the Matt Royal mysteries, are set about two hours up the road from me in Longboat Key Florida. Then I noticed that Oceanview had published other books that I’d read and enjoyed. Books like the Black Stiletto Series from Raymond Benson, Secretariat Reborn by Susan Klaus, and even THE DISPOSIBLES, from my guest in Session Six, David Putnam.

I reached out to them a few weeks ago, and they agreed to come onto the podcast to discuss their thoughts on how authors can improve their chances of being traditionally published.

You can listen above or on the podcast feed on iTunes.

Some of the topics covered in the interview include:

How traditionally published books become eligible for Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deal (17:50)

Bob and Pat’s thoughts on the recent resurrection of the independent bookstore (21:30)

Bob took three-minute pitches from authors at the recent Thrillerfest conference and shares how to construct a good pitch. (26:05)

Bob and Pat share their thoughts on what makes a good submission to a publisher. (30:44)

When a submission is accepted Oceanview requests the full manuscript, but only 5% of those full manuscripts are seriously considered for publication. Bob and Pat tell us where those manuscripts fall short. (36:45)

Why do some authors receive form rejections and others receive more personalized rejections from publishers? (38:05)

The value of having your book professionally edited before you begin the submission process. (42:00)

What’s the “sweet spot” for mystery and thriller word counts? (44:22)

Does an existing author platform and a willingness to market help to influence the decision to publish? (45:14)

Bob thinks social media has created an incredible opportunity to create interest in your books. (48:10)

How does Oceanview Publishing distribute their books to bookstores and libraries? (56:00)

What books does Oceanview have on the publishing schedule for the rest of 2014? (1:03:40)

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