Julia Drake joins The Author Biz in session #7 to share some of the techniques she uses to gain publicity for her literary clients.

Julia Drake

Julia Drake

Julie Drake is the founder and CEO of Julia Drake Public Relations, a Los Angeles based literary publicity firm that works with authors to maximize exposure for their books.  

I was introduced to Julia while I was hosting a weekly interview show that focused on mysteries and thrillers. Julia was one of dozens of public relations people who contacted me regarding author clients, but her pitches were always succinct, specific, and persuasive. So when I combed through my memory for the person I thought could teach us the most about generating publicity for a book Julia’s name was at the top of my list. I reached out to her a few weeks ago, and she agreed to come on and spend some time helping us understand some of the techniques PR firms use to generate publicity for their clients.

She’s also put together some great resources for self-published authors, including a detailed outline for creating a book publicity plan that’s available on her website.

Some of the topics covered in the interview include:

  • What is public relations and how does it differ from marketing?
  • The value of creating a story around an author brand, or book, and how that story can be used to generate publicity.
  • What are the core components of a great author platform?
  • The importance of branding to an author.
  • The value of having an editorial calendar prior to a book launch.
  • The importance of understanding all of the different publicity windows when planning a book launch.
  • The value of relationships and connections when it comes to generating publicity through traditional media.
  • How do public relations firms work with authors, and how much should an author expect to pay for their services.
  • Doing your due diligence before hiring a public relations firm.

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