Writing is not just an art. Writing is a business, once you decide you want your writing to be published. If all you’re doing is writing for your own pleasure, then it’s an art. But, once you decide you want your books on bookshelves, or in eBook stores, then now it’s a business. — Joseph Badal


Joseph Badal

Joseph Badal

Author Joseph Badal joins me this week for Episode number one of The Author Biz podcast.  Joe comes from a large business background and shares some of his thoughts on how large business practices can translate to running a business as an author.

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In this wide-ranging interview, Joe shares his thoughts on author platforms, author branding, and the use of social media for authors.  He also shares his own philosophy for book signings.  We discuss the value of author conferences, and how picking up one useful nugget can justify the entire cost of the conference.

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Joe Badal’s Website – http://www.josephbadalbooks.com/ Joe’s Everyday Hero’s Blog Joe’s Amazon Author Page Bookstores mentioned during the interview:

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