Chris Syme

Chris Syme joins us to discuss Social Media Marketing on this episode of The Author Biz.

What role does social media play in your author business? Is it a way to connect with friends, readers, family, and friends? Is it a marketing platform? Is it an outpost that you use to draw readers to your website? Or maybe you’re like most of us, where it’s a mixture of all of these.

Chris Syme Web ImageI’ve been following today’s guest, Chris Syme’s blog some time now, and I think you’ll appreciate her common sense, business-like approach to social media.

Chris Syme is a principal of CKSyme Media Group in Bozeman, Montana with 25+ years of experience in communications. Among other things, Chris’s company helps self-published authors and small publishing houses use social media strategically to broaden platforms and sell more books.

In this 47 minute interview, we dig deep into Chris’s philosophy of using Social Media to market and sell books, spend time talking about matching your marketing efforts to the reality of your writing career and spend some time talking about social networks that aren’t Facebook and Twitter.

Show Notes from Social Media Marketing Interview

Chris shares her thoughts on the part social media plays when building a solid author platform.

As authors, we should approach social media marketing as a business function, something that should be on our schedules regularly.

Smart Social Media for AuthorsChris uses the terms Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 to define the stages of an author’s journey and the types of marketing tactics each type of author should use.

We discuss different social media platforms, and Chris suggests that authors stay focused on the ones that have sales and reporting tools built in.

Chris provides specific advice for authors writing in different genres.

We discuss the reasons why some authors, specifically, those writing YA, should consider using YouTube as a social platform and makes suggestions on how to engage within YouTube.

Chris shares her advice for how quickly we should jump on new social media platforms.

Chris shares her “Big Three” for authors when it comes to building a platform.

We discuss her recent blog post on Email List Building for Fiction Authors.

Chris is offering a Free webinar on building your email list on May 17th: How to Build an Email List That Sells More Books. You can register for free here: 


Chris’s Website:

Chris’s Free Webinar on Email List Building

Chris on Social Media: Facebook and Twitter

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