Author and speaker Miles Anthony Smith joins us in this episode of The Author Biz to discuss a recent pay per click advertising campaign for his non-fiction book.

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For many authors, advertising and marketing are exercises in bootstrapping. For bootstrappers, free is better than paid and cheap is better than expensive, especially while we’re learning the ropes.

Miles Anthony Smith Author Photo Pay Per Click AdvertisingToday’s guest, Miles Anthony Smith is a non-fiction author who writes about leadership. As a bootstrapper in his author business as well, Miles likes to experiment and to share his results.

Since he has extensive experience running pay per click advertising campaigns for his day job, he decided to run an experiment to see if he could generate positive results with his author business. He used free and low-cost coupons that are widely available (see the links below) to run a totally free PPC advertising campaign on LinkedIn and different search engines for the audiobook version of his book, Why Leadership Sucks.

In this 35-minute episode, Miles and I discuss the specific tactics he used to generate over 1.2 million impressions for his advertisements using free coupons.

Show Notes

Miles explains the difference between Facebook advertising and search engine, or LinkedIn advertising campaigns

We discuss the concept of keywords in pay per click advertising, and how to select them for your ads. Miles suggests using Google’s Keyword Planner.

Why Leadership Sucks Audiobook CoverWe walk through the particular process that Miles used to build and test the pay per click ads he used in his audiobook campaign.

Miles shares his thoughts on the value of running multiple ads in a campaign and tracking different metrics to determine which are the most successful.

Miles discusses the Audible re-targeting process and how that can help us to sell more audiobooks, whether we’re running ads or just driving traffic to our audiobook pages.


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