Shamus Award Nominee Jaden Terrell is the guest in Episode 17 of The Author Biz.


Author Jaden Terrell

Jaden Terrell is an author who is uncomfortable with the idea of overtly marketing her books. Like many authors, she’d be thrilled if she could just finish one book, and then move on to the next, but she knows that’s not possible in today’s publishing world.

So what’s a marketing and promotion phobic author to do? This particular author came up with some unique strategies for promoting her books that perfectly fit her personality.

As for her books, well, I’m a huge fan. Jaden’s first book, RACING THE DEVIL, was a Shamus Award finalist, and she just published the third book in her Jared McKean Mysteries series, RIVER OF GLASS.

I keep a mental list of my top-ten books of the year, and RIVER OF GLASS is on the list. It’s a gritty mystery, packed with unique characters that I couldn’t help but pull for, and I’ve already started reading the other books in the Jared McKean series.

This interview is full of useful tips and information, but one of the highlights for me, was learning about Jaden’s approach to “promotion through service.” She does this by getting involved in a big way in the author community. She’s one of the organizers for Killer Nashville, an annual crime fiction conference for writers and fans that’s held each year in Nashville, Tennessee.

I’ve noted some interview highlights below for people looking for information on specific topics.

  • The interview begins with Jaden’s overview of her wonderful new book, RIVER OF GLASS, a Jared McKean Mystery.
  • Jaden is a big believer in writers conferences, and she attends as many as she can each year.
  • Marketing and promotion, and even sales are difficult for Jaden. She explains why it’s so difficult for her and others that she knows.
  • The idea of promotion through service and how she applies it in her author business.
  • Jaden has no problem talking about the organizations she supports and helps to promote, which she refers to as, “talking to people in the service of a greater good.”
  • Some sound advice for authors who may be asked to sit on panels at conferences. She doesn’t find panels difficult to do, because she’s answering questions about a topic that people are in the room to learn about.
  • Jaden found her agent, which led to her publishing deal with Permanent Press, through the use of her promotion through service strategy.
  • There are several benefits to being published by a publisher who is outside of the big New York publishing houses. Jaden shares her thoughts on some of them.
  • Jaden is a graduate of both the Citizen Police Academy and the joint FBI/TBI Citizen Acadamy. She shares some thoughts on the benefits of those courses.

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Website for Killer Nashville

Permanent Press website

Join Jaden at Parnassus Books in Nashville Tennessee on November 20th

The Writers Police Academy

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