I would say, the best thing to do, which does blow away everything else is to make sure that your ads are clustered . . .  the way the Amazon algorithms operate, is that they favor books that have sustained sales, at a lower level, over a longer period, rather than a large individual spike.

— Darren Wearmouth

Darren Wearmouth

Darren Wearmouth is the interview guest In Session Two of The Author Biz Podcast. Darren is an independent, soon to be hybrid author who sold 60,000 copies of FIRST ACTIVATION, the very first book he published.  Within three months of publishing the book he quit his job to pursue his goal of becoming a full-time author.

Now, a short ten months later, he’s got a deal to re-publish FIRST ACTIVATION, and a sequel with 47 North, the Amazon imprint for science fiction, fantasy and horror, and he’s just released the first book in a new series, with Co-Author Colin Barnes, called CRITICAL DAWN.

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